What do girls think of flowers? | A Better Florist Review 

A Better Florist 2

I was never the kind of girl who likes to receive flowers because I feel that they are expensive and die really quickly.

A Better Florist flatlay

But I gotta admit flowers make the best prop! I actually do like how these flowers beautify my flatlays.

A Better Florist 1

If you aren’t wearing the best outfit or can’t find a nice background, flowers always work.

A Better Florist Allison
Flowers speak lots of love languages and if your girl loves flowers, why not surprise her this week with a beautiful bouquet? For guys who are totally clueless, check out A Better Florist website, where you can visually view all the bouquet selections. No more guessin’ 🙂

A Better Florist Allison
The Allison – Signature flowers packed full of multi-hued tulips and sprinkled with meadow whites, $86

Daughters, show some love and appreciation towards your Mother, who has sacrificed her entire life looking after you with a bouquet of flowers.

Or grab this beautiful bouquet for your best friends’ graduation.

You may not like flowers, but you can’t deny that receiving flowers always lead to a big smile.

A Better Florist 3

Thank you A Better Florist for making me smile and brightening up my day💕



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