Review + Swatches: NEW 2017 LANEIGE IDEAL SHADOW QUADS (ALL 10 SHADES) | Singapore

Hey there my K-Beauty lovers! 🙂 How’s everything? Can you believe it’s August already?😵

Second half of the year is always more exciting because I’ve noticed that there are a lot of new launches + Christmas collections! To kickstart my very own countdown, I’ll be reviewing these NEW & IMPROVED versions of LANEIGE IDEAL SHADOW QUADS! I’ve all 10 quads here, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like!😝

Oh, I’ll also try my best to try on all the quads but it will take some time. And I’m posting this because I’m sure many of you are very interested to see the swatches. I’ll update my thoughts along the way👍🏻

Ideal Shadow Quad #1& 2

#1 Tangled Tangerine

Laneige #1 Tangled Tangerine

The eyeshadows are very soft and creamy. The pigmentation is there. I think these shades are so fun and cute. I’ll definitely check this one out next! 🙂

#2 Cafe Solo

Laneige #2 Cafe Solo

Being a huge fan of burgundy eyeshadows for a long time, it feels so good to go back to basics with natural brown tones!

OR205 Apricot Red 2

I like how my makeup turned out. I like how it looks effortless yet presentable. This will be great for a job interview or work.

Watch how I used this palette here:


Ideal Shadow Quad #3 & 4

#3 Midnight Hyacinth

Laneige #3 Midnight Hyacinth

If you like purple eyeshadows, which I do every much myself, I can totally see myself pulling off a smokey purple look. With that being said, I feel that this palette is also very wearable. If you are new to purple shadows, this might be a good starting point.

#4 Deep Crimson

Laneige #4 Deep Crimson

If you paid attention earlier, you will know I cannot leave this palette unattended. Just look at the gold and red tone shade!😍

Laneige #4 Deep Crimson 2

I like to pair red tone looks very bright lipsticks. I like how it brings out the attention to my face more uniformly.

Ideal Shadow Quad #5&6

#5 Pink Maroon

Laneige #5 Pink Maroon

I think this palette is pretty similar to #2 Cafe Solo, just with a slight hint of pink. If I were to choose, I personally prefer #2 Cafe Solo, just so it’s more basic natural brown.

Bourjois #19 + Laneige #5 Soft Powder

#5 Pink Maroon is kinda not pink, not brown kinda… However, if you are not comfortable with pink tones, this quad might be a good start for you.

 #6 Soft Powder

Laneige #6 Soft Powder

Out of all the quads, this is my least favourite one because I feel the eyeshadows are a little chalky and not as good as the rest. In terms of shade selection, it’s pretty. I just wished it could be a little better.

Ideal Shadow Quad #7 & 8

#7 Rosebay Garden

Laneige #7 Rosebay Garden

Needless to say, this is definitely my No.1 Favourite.

Laneige #7 Rosebay Garden

Hahaha they feel very soft and pigmented. If you love red tones, this is a definite must get.

#8 All Shook Up

Laneige #8 All Shook Up

If you love shimmery shades, do get this quad to complement with any of your eyeshadows.

Laneige #8 I'm Shook + Bourjois 04 Peach Club

Laniege #9 Taupe Smog & #10 Red Fox Fur

#9 Taupe Smog

Laneige #9 Taupe Smog

I thought I wasn’t going to like this because it looks way too cool for my liking. But, the middle 2 shades are so pretty. It’s definitely great for days when I’m feeling “cool” hehehe. Will try soon ~~

#10 Red Fox Fur

Ideal Shadow Quad #10

Quite a few of you were pretty curious about this one, especially that bright red.

Laneige #10 RedFox Fur

To be honest, the red shade was better than I expected. Though it’s a bit dry, the color payoff is pretty decent. It looks more like a burnt orange color.

Laneige Ideal Shadow Quads 9

In general, the eyeshadows are very soft and pigmented. You know how soft Korean eyeshadows are that you might feel it lacks pigmentation. But these aren’t like that. It kinda reminds me of luxury eyeshadows – where they feel soft and pigmentation is there but not like Morphe eyeshadows kinda there. In short, they feel luxurious.

Do let me know what you think of them and which is your favorite shade 🙂 Till then, enjoy💃🏼💃🏼

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