Love a matte lip but can’t stand liquid lipsticks?

Bourjois Rouge Velvet

Then you ought to check out these BOURJOIS ROUGE EDITION VELVET LIPSTICKS! Like the name suggest, these lipsticks have a velvety finish. I would say these are the comfortable versions of liquid lipsticks. I’m sure you are pretty familiar with these, as they have been around for a long while now! Alrighty, nuff’ said! ^^  Shall we take a look at the swatches? 🙂

Swatches of Bourjois Rouge Velvet 1
Same sequence as the following


02 Frambourjoise


04 Peach Club

A Better Florist 3 

I really like this picture hehe ^^ This was taken for a blog post on flowers, read here.

Laneige #8 I'm Shook + Bourjois 04 Peach Club Peach Club

05 Ole Flamingo!

Ole Flamingo! 1 Ole Flamingo! 2

06 Pink Pong

Pink Pong 1 Pink Pong 2

07 Nude-ist

Nude-ist 1 Nude-ist 2

10 Don’t Pink Of It



11 So Hap’pink

So Hap’pink 1 So Hap’pink 2

12 Beau Brun


13 Fu(n)chsia

Fu(n)chsia 1 Fu(n)chsia 2

14 Plum Plum Girl

Plum Plum Girl 1 

16 Honey Mood

Honey Mood 1 Honey Mood 2

18 It’s Redding Men!


19 Jolie-de-vin

Jolie-de-vin 1 Jolie-de-vin 2

#20 Poppy Days

Poppy Days 1 Poppy Days 2

This is a new shade! It is a bright orange shade! I think this is a youthful and fun color 🙂


Swatches of Bourjois Rouge Velvet 2

These lipsticks have a velvety finish as claimed. I really like the formula. They feel super comfortable on the lips, not drying at all. If you like a matte look but find liquid lipsticks too drying for you, then you will love these Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks!

My TOP 5 shades are 07 Nude-ist, 12 Beau Brun, 18 It’s Redding Men!, 19 Jolie-de-vin and 20 Poppy Days (new shade).

For some shades like 14 Plum Plum Girl, 16 Honey Mood and even 19 Jolie-de-vin, I recommend using a lip liner because it can look a bit patchy. However, I don’t mind it at all because I can take my time to layer it on.

Oh also, these lipsticks take a while to “dry” down (but not completely), so you can take your time to perfect it. For better illustration, they feel a bit similar to Peripera Airy Ink Velvets (but do not have the same staining power). So if you love those, I think you’ll enjoy these too! 🙂

One last thing is that they do (slightly) transfer. However, the lipstick remains strong on the lips after drinking with a straw. The lasting power is better than a lot of traditional lipsticks. You will need to touch up/re-apply after a meal.

Hope you find this review helpful 🙂 Do let me know your fav shades and feel free to share this!

Retails for SGD25. Available at Watsons & Sasa





  1. Antariksha says:

    Wow! So gorgeous.. I love Fuschia and Plum Plum Girl..

  2. […] The formula reminds me of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and Bourjois Rouge Velvet Liquid Lipsticks. […]

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