Hello! If you have read my previous review, you would have guessed that I am impressed by the pigmented and quality of Palladio Beauty.

Palladio Beauty
Copper ‘N’ Chic, A la mode, Toasted Apricot

I will be reviewing all 3 items here! Read < Copper ‘N’ Chic > review here.

Toasted Apricot Matte Blush 3

I am actually quite picky about blushes, especially those that are very powdery. A lot of drugstore brands have a powdery finish.

Toasted Apricot Matte Blush 2
Toasted Apricot

But I must say I am impressed by this blush. It doesn’t feel dry and the pigmentation is good! You will need to use a light hand – just dust it over your cheeks.

Toasted Apricot Matte Blush 1

Again, if you are a student or on a budget, I highly recommend you to check this out. It is definitely worth your money.

                        Copper 'N' Chic + Toasted Apricot 1 Copper 'N' Chic + Toasted Apricot 3

To be honest, the quality doesn’t lose to NYX. Since NYX has their own store (Plaza Sing and Bugis) and sold at Sephora, it somehow feels more luxurious than Palladio Beauty at Guardian Singapore. But hey, this blush is just as good and in fact, cheaper. Retails for SGD8.90.

Overall, I highly recommend you to check this out! If you are really on a budget, wait till Guardian has a 20% sale. And you’ll be so happy cos you paid so little for such a good pigmented blush.



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