What’s New: DR. WU AEKNI:17 ANTI-ACNE SYSTEM for Oily Skin | Singapore

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My skin is always prone to pimples and blackheads. A sad fact but at least I am open to trying out new skincare products that might be helpful for my skin!


Dr. Wu, No.1 Taiwan Medical Skincare has finally invented a medical anti-acne formula, AEKNI:17 – contains 17 ingredients to prevent 5 acne-prone problems; greasy, acne, redness, blemishes and pustules.

There are 3 products in this range.

Gentle Cleaning Gel with Niacinamide

Gentle Cleaning Gel with Niacinamide

I am actually quite surprised that this doesn’t feel drying at all. You know how some anti-acne products can over remove the sebum on your skin, but this doesn’t make my skin feel tight. It has a “menthol/mint” (can’t describe.. mega fail) scent, which feels rather soothing. Retails for USD28.

Pore Clarifying Toner with BHA

Pore Clarifying Toner with BHA

Of course, after cleansing, you need to use a toner to close up the pores and remove any impurities. It is alcohol-free, feels light and absorbs quickly into skin. Again, it is very gentle and soothing and that is good because you wouldn’t wanna use heavy ingredients on your face. I used to have a lot of acnes when I was in junior college, so I know all you need to do is use very gentle products to clean your face. Your skin is already very sensitive, so be gentle with it. Retails for USD35.

Intensive Blemish Spot Treatment with BHA

Intensive Blemish Spot Treatment with BHA

This is to clear up blemishes and reduce blemish mark. It is very gentle and doesn’t sting when applied on “squeezed” pimples (don’t recommend squeezing though). Retails for USD37.

So far, I have been really enjoying these products. I will continue to test them out. If necessary, I will update again on my thoughts.

Now available at Selected Watsons and Dr.Wu website.

P.S If you are in your teens and suffering from acne, please do not feel sad and let it demoralize you. Do not let boys or anyone dull your sparkle. Find someone who truly loves you for who you are. I wished I could tell that to my 17 year old self. Cheers! 


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