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SU:M 37 Secret Essence 3

Secret Essence is a fruit of natural fermentation technology and is the best seller from SU:M37.

I had a on-off relationship with this Secret Essence for a long time. Initially when I started using, I felt that it was a little too rich for me (oily skin). The SKII Facial Treatment Essence (ok for extremely oily skin) was more light-weight and felt that my skin could “breathe”.

SU:M 37 Secret Essence 2
Limited Edition 2017 Holiday Collection (Jumbo size)

Recently, my skin kinda changed from oily to combination skin. The Secret Essence didn’t feel too rich for my skin anymore.

SU:M 37 Secret Essence 1

In fact, I felt that it was hydrating and allows better absorption of my moisturizer. I have been enjoying it a lot and I would recommend this to combination, normal or dry skin. I personally wouldn’t recommend to extremely oily skin or young adults (below 25). For young adults, you may try the Water-Full range – gel texture and more lightweight.

Retails for SGD108 (80ml).



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