Review: 11.11 LAZADA x ETUDE HOUSE SURPRISE BOX (2018 Edition) | Singapore

Hey folks! The mega crazy 11.11 sale on Lazada is back!

There will be lots of surprise boxes, flash sales and massive discounts on 11.11.2018. Be sure to set your alarm clocks!


For those who are keen in the Etude House Surprise Box ($29), there are in total 6 items. I will reveal only 3 items and leave the rest of the surprise for you to find out! ^^


You will get a Soon Jung 10-Free Moist Emulsion (80ml). The Soon Jung range is catered to sensitive skin! I think it’s good they included a skincare product. It gives us a chance to explore more of Etude House skincare products, which you’ll be surprised they can be pretty good!


You will also get a Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-talk case #13 Gentle life. They have a wide range of lip casings and it’s pretty cool they threw in this because I can purchase whatever shade I like from the store. It’s better this way because we all have different preferences.


The next item is Any Cushion All Perfect cushion in shade 03 beige.

I think it is super worth it for $29. You get to try a range of products. I understand that some might be concerned about the shades (i.e cushion or other makeup products). My advise is just get the box if you like to try new makeup. If some items do not suit you, you can always pass it along to a friend. Or you and your friend can get boxes from 2 different brands and mix around!

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  1. Curious says:

    Hi, was just wondering since this box is already sold out, if you could reveal what else was inside? Im just really curious on what they gave in the box 🙂

    1. Hey, the other items are dear darling lip tint, dear my blooming lips and drawing eyebrow duo! 🙂

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