Hey, I love exploring new makeup brands and am happy to share about Australian beauty brand, Klara Cosmetics!

Klara Cosmetics burning man & no.3 pro palette

You can’t go wrong with a neutrals palette! They take pride in 100% colour pigmentation. I must say I was wow-ed by it!

Klara Cosmetics burning man & no.3 pro palette

You gotta watch my makeup tutorial to see it for yourself! I think this is a fun palette to own. It’s limited edition by the way.

Kiss Proof Lips Matte Liquid Lipsticks No. 23

kiss proof liquid lipstick no. 23

It has a matte formula. Liquidity texture. Dries down pretty quickly. Very pigmented = 1 swipe (no layering needed)

Kiss Proof Lips No.19

kiss proof lips no. 19

It dries down but not as matte as the previous one. It’s called Kiss Proof because it doesn’t transfer (much). This is a better option if matte liquid lipstick isn’t for you.

Diamond Kiss Proof Lips Red Diamond No.3

red diamond

This is my favourite lipstick out of all 3. Texture is similar to the Kiss Proof Lips. I love the “diamond” shimmery look. Super festive, super christmas-y! I can see myself wearing this because the shimmers isn’t too overpowering like metallic.

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