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Hey there,

Happy to share that Althea has launched their very own makeup range!

Scroll for swatches of the Water Color Cream Tint 🙂 and overall review!

#01 Plum Cream


#02 Strawberry Cream


#03 Peach Cream


#4 Marron Cream


Overall review

  • Water Color Cream Tints are super pigmented and staining. You can see it in the video. It even left a strong stain on my hand.


  • The eyeshadow palette was pretty good. I was impressed by the pigmentation. The matte shade that I used wasn’t chalky at all. I used a brush for the shimmery shade, so it looked more subtle. But if you have watched my video, you would have seen pigmented swatches of the shimmery shades.


  • I quite enjoy the Spotlight Eye Glitter. I hardly ever use such products and it was surprisingly very easy to use (I was afraid I will over-use). It isn’t too wet and dries down pretty quickly. It also doesn’t crease or sting my eyes. I’ll definitely look for more of such products.


  • The concealer was alright for me. Color was a pretty good match. Not my favourite but for it’s price, I think it’s pretty ok.

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